Radar Sensor | Article no. RDZ2201RL01
RDZ2201RL is a 60GHz radar sensor suited for distance measurement, level detection, or as a motion sensor. All sensors in the RDZ2201 series are rugged and can provide measurements in cumbersome environments with high-temperature variations. Along with the sensor is an integrated web interface included, where the user can configure how the sensor should operate. RDZ2201RL can measure up to 50 meters with an accuracy of 2.5 centimeters at an update rate of 47Hz. It has a digital relay output corresponding to a target exceeding a threshold in a configurable range of interest.
  • Working range: 0.3 – 50m
  • Opening angle range: +/- 4 °
  • Operating temperature range: -20 … +65 °C
  • Detects objects in specific zones
  • Digital output to external (PLC) systems
  • Suitable for distance measurements of all kinds
  • Level measurements
Technical Data
Measurement range 0.3 – 50 m
Measuring Accuracy 0.025 m
Response Time Detection 21.21ms
Update Frequency 47 Hz
Interface 2.4 GHz Wireless LAN
Output Digital Relay 4-wire
Operating Temperature Range -20 … +65 °C

Unit Price: 8000 SEK (VAT & shipping excluded)