Reliable, industrial radar sensors

Industrial sensors with integrated web UI for wireless configuration, Radsenz sensors utilize modern radar technology optimized for object detection and level measurements.

RDZ2201CM - Radar sensor for object detection and level measurement

Robust exterior, wireless configuration and high accuracy.

Fall & activity detection with easenze ONE

Easy installation for supervision in elderly care without violation of privacy and works completely without wearables.

Inno-X™ - Neuromuscular-readiness measuring device

Know your body, excel your game! Get direct feedback and insights into your neuromuscular fatigue, readiness and recovery.

Topics in focus

Object detection and level monitoring

Raytelligence latest radar sensor RDZ2201CM has a free, integrated web UI for easy configuration. Optimal for distance measurement and level detection, it’s robust, reliable and accurate.

Detect fall and room activity

the product has been discontinued

Improve your elderly care with easenze ONE. With modern radar technology, this device can detect falls, room presence and activity. 

Predictive maintenance: Video showcase of vibration monitoring

This blog post presents a video showcase of Raytelligence’s development of contactless vibration monitoring.

Valtes and Raytelligence AB form partnership to support caregivers in Europe

Innovative technology, high integrity, and new collaborations improve informal care! Alongside the Dutch care tech company Valtes, Raytelligence…

Level switches and industry sensors for your automation system

The Radsenz brand takes place in the industrial sector with innovative level and distance measurement sensors. All sensors in the RDZ2201 series offer high accuracy and measuring ranges up to 50 meters, making these industry sensors optimal for silo-level monitoring, level switches, or motion sensors. Each sensor has a built-in web UI for device configuration of the output signal to your automation system. The different models offer a digital output or an analog current loop of 4-20mA, making the Radsenz devices very adaptable for various industrial systems.

Personal alarm for elderly – without wearables

For safe elderly care and a lesser workload for the medical staff, eazense ONE is an advanced sensor that measures falls and activity in a room. A secure fall alarm system with a high update frequency requires no wearables. Connected with Ethernet and MQTT protocol, eazense monitors rooms and nursing homes, making this fall sensor a modern technical support for domestic services and nursing homes. eazense ONE has been discontinued.

Inno-X™ – Measure neuromuscular fatigue and recovery

Inno-X™ is the first neuromuscular readiness sensor for athletes and exercisers to measure your muscles’ fatigue status in real-time. Without invasive tests or fatiguing exercise protocols, Inno-X™ optimizes your recovery and exercises with EMG technology. The idea behind Inno-X™ derives from research and is meant to support athletes and coaches.

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