Raytelligence aquires the sports electronics company Innowearable AB

Innowearable AB develops state-of-the-art technologies for measuring neuromuscular readiness, fatigue, and recovery. Two of these pioneers reaching the fitness market are Inno-X and Inno-I.

Raytelligence launches the industrial brand Radsenz

Radsenz offers the industrial sector unique radar sensor solutions for challenging applications. Raytelligence sensors are based on the proprietary mmWave radar technology.

Maintain high quality care with easenze ONE

With eazense, caregivers can save time that can be spent on something else that is important to the patient / user. If you can reduce the number of visits to the home service, a lot of time is saved and a lot of money is saved. A reduced visit a day of a user in the home service saves up to 14-2800 €/ month.

High precision radar sensors for harsh environments

As the Radsenz brand launches, RDZ2201 is the first family of industrial radar sensors aiming to improve your automation. Learn more about the varieties of radar sensors with ranges up to 50 meters surveillance.

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Configurating sensor measurements with Radsenz Dashboard
Raytelligence is proud to launch the release of the new brand Radsenz. This industrial brand, whose first series of sensors…

Radsenz offers the industrial sector unique sensor solutions for challenging applications. Raytelligence sensors are based on the proprietary mmWave radar technology. By using radar, you can make measurements that are not possible with other technologies. Otherwise limited, our sensors can measure through certain materials.

An aging population in the world is creating new challenges for welfare. Fewer resources will provide care for more and more needy people. Lifestyle-related diseases such as dementia and cardiovascular disease are increasing as we get older – a situation that requires new innovations. For caregivers, this means that nightly monitoring in a nursing home can be performed more efficiently because resources are directed to patients who need help and the patient can feel safe at night and is not unnecessarily disturbed.
Inno-X™ is the first neuromuscular readiness measuring device for athletes. Inno-1™ is the first muscle endurance wearable that monitors lactate levels non-invasively and gives athletes real-time information on their lactate levels. The Inno-X™ sensor measures muscle activation patterns and provides reliable information on the current fatigue status of muscles, without using invasive tests or fatiguing exercise protocols.

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