We are aiming to be best in the world at fall detection and fall prevention  

Radar technology for all types of surveillance

Raytelligence was founded in 2015 by Peter Martinson and Pelle Viberg. The vision was to, with cutting edge expertise in radar technology, contribute to a safer life for our elderly and chronically ill as well as to enable care provide with effective tools to develop care into the future.

The Raytelligence team is a mix of people with competencies ranging from industrial design and radar signal processing to skills in healthcare and sales to healthcare organizations.


2015 Raytelligence received a grant from the Swedish Innovation Bureau – Vinnova to develop a radar sensor for monitoring vital parameters.

2016 Raytelligence presented the first version of the 60 GHz sensor for monitoring vital parameters. A cloud service was also demonstrated.

2017 The sensor formerly known as RayVS1, now eazense, is starting to be used at two prisons in the Netherlands.

2018 Raytelligence is listed on NGM Nordic SME.

2019 eazense shows up at Vitalis in Gothenburg and a number of cooperation agreements are signed.

2020 Version 2.0 of eazense is released and will be a certified medical device. Sales in Sweden and in several foreign markets start.

2021 Roll out of version 2.0 and development of version 3.0. Expansion to other markets.