Innovative technology, high integrity, and new collaborations improve informal care! Alongside the Dutch care tech company Valtes, Raytelligence proudly presents a strategic partnership between the two companies for developing support systems for homecare across Europe.

An aging population puts pressure on an already stressed European healthcare, which leads to an increased number of informal caregivers. Informal care is non-financed medical care performed by a relative, and in the Netherlands alone, the amount of informal caregivers is estimated to exceed 5 million. Such pressure could ultimately lead to a public health issue of burnout and economic repercussions.

Valtes is a Dutch healthcare technology company with a clear vision to improve this informal care with modular technology. To reach this vision, Valtes has developed the product Valtes Homecare which will support informal caregivers, primarily to detect falls in caretaker’s homes. The sensors are placed in people’s homes so the integrity aspect is of utmost importance. Thus, Raytelligence’s product Eazense is optimal for this type of application and market. Eazense can detect falls and localize people in a room without integrity violations.

This collaboration now begins as a pilot project in the Drenthe province, which supports the Homecare solution in 20 homes. Within this pilot, Raytelligence’s radar will operate as the primary sensor for Valtes Homecare solution.

“ Valtes is excited to cooperate with Raytelligence to develop a supporting healthcare system that will increase the peace of mind and confidence for caregivers and increase the safety for their loved ones. Going forward, it is important to have technology that supports caregivers and ensures their peace of mind”, says John Beuving, CTO at Valtes.

Per-Arne Viberg, CEO at Raytelligence: ”We are proud to partner with Valtes to develop products to support informal caregivers across Europe. Our radar sensor Eazense is designed not to intrude on the individual’s privacy and at the same time provide valuable information to the healthcare provider”.

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