Raytelligence launches the new industrial brand Radsenz. After intensive development and engineering, Radsenz presents its first series of radar sensors, RDZ2201. The series of six high-precision radar sensors offer unique solutions for the industrial sector suitable for various distance measurement applications and level measurements.
The sensors of RDZ2201 offer three ranges designed for diverse applications, which might require different update frequencies and measurement accuracies. Two launched sensors, RDZ2201CS and RDZ2201RS, offer a pinpoint accuracy down to 0.78mm with an update frequency of 25Hz.
A clear advantage of all RDZ2201 sensors is the possibility of connecting to the sensor and configuring how the sensor should send its output to the end system. Every sensor of the RDZ2201 series has a graphical user interface accessible via wireless LAN. Using any Wifi-compatible device, the user can log in to the sensor and configure the range of interest for the use case. In this web interface, the user filter unwanted radar reflections from debris between the sensor and the measured object. With a configuration like this, the sensor can see through certain materials or smoke and filter out unwanted radar reflections, only reacting to desired targets. The 2.4GHz WLAN connectivity also contains Data visualization tools, providing the radar’s field of view.
These new sensors have two possible output options: an analog 4-20 mA 4-wire connection or a digital SSR NO output. Depending on your establishment and need, these two options are suitable for connecting to a PLC end system.
Have a look at our Industry product page to learn more about the RDZ2201 radar series.