On the 7th of October, 2022, the general meeting of Raytelligence decided to acquire Innowearable AB. Together with the newly acquired sports electronics company, Raytelligence constitutes the development force in Halmstad, where creativity and customer benefits are in focus. Although operating in different markets, the two companies work closely together and exchange skills and ideas internally, utilizing united competencies.

Innowearable AB develops state-of-the-art technologies for measuring neuromuscular readiness, fatigue, and recovery. Two of these pioneers reaching the fitness market are Inno-X and Inno-I. Being the first of the two, Inno-X is a readiness measuring device for athletes and measures muscle activation patterns, providing reliable information on the current fatigue status of muscles. The sensor does not use invasive tests or fatiguing exercise protocols and helps athletes lower the risk of injuries, maximize performance, and coach recovery periods.

On the other hand, Inno-I is a sensor never yet seen. This top modern sensor device can instantly measure lactate levels without blood samples. Utilizing AI to analyze muscular EMG signals, this sensor has long been requested by athletes of cycling, running, speed skating and other sports. The development of this product will take place in 2023.

For further reading and information about Innowearable AB, we refer to the company website, Innowearable.se. For company related information, please find additional information of the aqcuirement on our Investor-page.