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Valtes and Raytelligence AB form partnership to support caregivers in Europe

Innovative technology, high integrity, and new collaborations improve informal care! Alongside the Dutch care tech company Valtes, Raytelligence proudly presents a strategic partnership between the two companies for developing support systems for homecare across Europe.

Raytelligence aquires the sports electronics company Innowearable AB

On the 7th of October, 2022, the general meeting of Raytelligence decided to acquire Innowearable AB. Together with the newly acquired sports electronics company, Raytelligence constitutes the development force in Halmstad, where creativity and customer benefits are in focus. Although operating in different markets, the two companies work closely together and exchange skills and ideas internally, utilizing united competencies.

Raytelligence launches the industrial brand Radsenz

Raytelligence launches the new industrial brand Radsenz. After intensive development and engineering, Radsenz presents its first series of radar sensors, RDZ2201. The series of six high-precision radar sensors offer unique solutions for the industrial sector suitable for various distance measurement applications and level measurements.