The RayVS1 is a radar sensor that can measure position, movement, and respiration rate of persons in a room. The sensor is part of a signal analysis eco system where the user gets an indication when a specific event has occurred for example a person has fallen out of bed or a constant stream of data such as respiration rate of a person.


The first multi-function 60GHz mm-wave sensor for industrial applications.

The RayVS1/I is the first radar sensor that will give you the full benefit from the 7 GHz bandwidth in 60 GHz ISM band. The user can select functions like:

- Range measurement

- Speed measurement

- Surface property measurements

- Material thickness and internal structures

- Motion measurements



A sensor for measuring vital signs.

The RayVS1 is a radar sensor capable of measuring position, movement, and respiration of humans or animals in proximity of the sensor. The sensor is a fully integrated device having all the signal processing capabilities needed for measurement and reporting.


Users are notified when an unexpected events occurs, for example when a person has fallen out of bed. The sensor is also capable of streaming data such as respiration rate to the users mobile devices.


We introduce a non-intrusive radar sensor for the new era of AI

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Elderly care

A new way to make life safer.

The RayVS1 introduces a leap forward to make life more safe and secure for elderly people. This sensor offer a new way of performing nightly supervision without the use of intrusive cameras.


RayVS1 can monitor if a person is in bed or not, sleep quality, respiration pattern (and rate) and if the person falls. All this information is generated by the sensor and transmitted to the users mobile device.

Artificial Intelligence

Continues non-intrusive vital sign monitoring and behavior pattern learning.

RayVS1 utilize a powerful processing unit that running machine learning algorithms. This offers the possibility to adapt to real-life situations and to detect anomalies and potential risks in user behavior.


RayVS1/I is a novel mm-wave sensor for demanding Industrial applications.

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RayVS1 radar sensor is a 60 GHz cutting edge sensor that is tailored for vital sign monitoring and high performance measurement. RayVS1 is the basis for our service offer to the healthcare sector.


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Elderly Care

We introduce a non-intrusive radar sensor for the new era of AI Scroll down